Moonboon Federwiegen-Set – Ökologische Federwiege & Federwiegen-Motor

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Buy our ecological cradle and cradle motor in one package and save EUR 60.00.




The spring cradle is made from the finest organic cotton. The mattress is filled with 100% natural, ecological and allergy-friendly kapok . The crossbar is made of walnut wood. The spring cradle is an ergonomic and safe sleep solution that supports the correct development of your baby’s spine. Therefore, the spring cradle is also recommended by midwives. Read here more about spring weighing.

What’s in the set?
1x ecological spring cradle
1x spring cradle motor incl. Power supply unit and three meter long cable
1x crossbar made of walnut wood
1x kapok mattress 90 cm x 35 cm
1x spring with fabric cover and safety belt
4x snap hooks
1x 50 cm long chain

The spring cradle is 90 cm long and can be used for newborns weighing up to 15 kg.

The cradle motor is perfectly matched to the cradle from Moonboon and causes the cradle to move up and down automatically. You can set the speed yourself and even use a built-in timer that can be set up to 3 hours. The engine was developed, tested and designed in Denmark. It is approved for babies with a maximum weight of up to 15 kg.

The cradle motor is compatible with most cradles on the market. It can be used with the spring cradle from Natures Sway from a weight of 4 kg and with the spring cradle from Nonomo from a weight of 6 kg.

The cradle motor from Moonboon is designed to offer babies a safe and peaceful sleep and mothers a break and relaxation at the same time. With our solution, mom has her hands completely free until the baby wakes up again. This gives you many valuable hours every day for your own sleep or other tasks.

* Please note that no door frame bracket is included in the set.

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 4 kg
Größe 50 × 50 × 20 cm

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