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The cradle motor causes the cradle to move up and down by itself. It can be set to different speeds and can be operated via a timer.




Do you already have a spring cradle or have you used one before? Then you most likely know the feeling of standing next to the cradle for hours to rock your baby. Because many babies wake up as soon as the cradle stops moving.

Scope of delivery: The cradle motor incl. Power supply unit and a 3 meter long cable in white. The cradle motor has a length of 18 cm and must be mounted with the two snap hooks supplied. Incl. The spring cradle motor has a length of 26 cm with snap hooks.

The cradle motor from Moonboon ensures that the cradle moves up and down automatically. You can adjust the speed of the motor just so that your baby likes it too. We even built in a timer so that you can control the running time. With our cradle motor you can feel completely safe. It was developed and tested in Denmark and can be used for most spring cradles on the market. The motor rocks small children with a maximum body weight of 15 kg.

The cradle motor from Moonboon is designed to offer babies a safe and peaceful sleep and mothers a break and relaxation at the same time. With our solution, mom has her hands completely free until the baby wakes up again. This gives you many valuable hours every day for your own sleep or other tasks.

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 1.4 kg
Größe 20 × 20 × 20 cm

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